Why we're protecting country

Sign the petition and add your voice to the growing movement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people standing up to protect our land, culture and communities from climate change and fossil fuel extraction.

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Climate change is no laughing matter

You’d have to be heartless to laugh at the idea of people losing their lives, cultures and homes to sea level rise, but Peter Dutton’s joking remarks on Friday shine a light on the heartless attitude the Abbott Government is taking to global warming.

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Amelia Telford Interview

I signed my first petition with the Australian Youth Climate Coalition in 2009 and not long after I began volunteering with them.

Even though I thought AYCC was this awesome youth climate movement in Australia, I realised that it was also incredibly white.
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Climate Change Is The Biggest Threat To Black Australia

Climate change is the greatest threat facing Aboriginal communities, and opening up our lands to mining is not a solution to black poverty.

There’s a growing movement of Aboriginal people standing up for our right to say no to extractive industries digging up our country.

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