Media Release - Seed Announces new CEO: Corinna Theodossio - Seed

Media Release - Seed Announces new CEO

Media release: Appointment of new Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network CEO, Corinna Theodossio

Seed's New Leader To Amplify First Nations Voices In Climate Change & Climate Action

The Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network Board is excited to announce its new Chief Executive Officer Corinna Theodossio.

As a proud Wiradjuri woman, Corinna comes from a family of First Nations artists, sports stars, cultural advisors and advocates. She was brought up to strongly champion First Nations rights, stories and community. She dedicates her time to advocating for and supporting our First Nations youth to better understand how to have a voice in the battle for First Nations climate justice; whilst affirming Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander’s ability to exercise the right to self-determination.

Corinna is an experienced manager, leader and project officer with extensive background in communications, social media and project management within government service delivery and climate sectors. Corinna has a passion for mentoring young people, developing strong leaders and implementing innovative organisational strategies.

As a leader, Corinna is valued for her ability to face challenging and unprecedented situations as a change agent to bring teams together, amplify and inspire our First Nations leaders, set new standards and achieve incredible outcomes. Originally starting in Seed as the Chief Operations Officer supporting the foundational build of a brand new organisation; her passion, drive, focus and personal commitment to the values and mission of Seed has seen her lead the organisation as Interim Chief Executive & Operations Officer since December 2022.

She continues to lead the Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network building a movement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people advocating for climate justice.


Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network Board Chair, Ivan Ingram said:

Since taking on the mantle of Chairperson for the Seed Board, there have been a number of priorities for us. Our primary one has been to identify a new leader for the organisation. We have been on a journey becoming an independent organisation and setting up the foundations of what we see as being the organisation that will be the voice of First Nation voices in climate change and climate action.

This past year has been a period of transition and change amidst a challenging operating environment, the Board has completed its process in looking for our next leader, and we are very pleased to have identified the qualities of leadership, vision, and operational excellence in someone we have within our team. We are proud to have been able to work with Corinna this past year and are extremely pleased to announce her permanent appointment to the role of Chief Executive Officer.

The Board is committed to developing Seed’s strategic direction to place us not only in the forefront of climate action, but being a leader in developing First Nations youth to be equipped to take this mantle. The Board is excited for this next phase in Seed’s journey and look forward to working with Corinna.


Seed’s Chief Executive Officer, Corinna Theodossio said:

The horrific impacts of climate change are already being seen across so many communities in Australia. Accelerated and ongoing natural disasters, decreased wildlife populations, irreparable damage to natural water, increasing and soon to be unliveable temperatures are a daily reality. In addition to toxic waste, damage to irreplaceable sacred spaces and the unfathomable damage being done to our country by extractive industries. Our young people are driven to action; passionate about climate, about country and about our culture. The preservation of these, for future generations, is a responsibility; and it is not negotiable.

Through Seed, we aim to support and empower the young First Nations community to better understand the scale of climate impacts across community and country, to learn just how much these things that feel local, truly contribute to such a larger scale problem. We want our young climate champions to better understand their power and how to use it to truly advocate for change.

We aim to inspire and uplift the future change makers of this world by opening doors and creating opportunities to not only learn about climate change, but also to empower First Nations climate solutions and leaders. By working with community, we learn from local knowledge, listen to those who are not being heard and act on the needs of our young people who want a better future.

Seed believes in the power of young people and collective action; we know what it takes to create change for our people. We will continue to work to protect country, culture and communities from the impacts and causes of extractive industries in a way that is inclusive, empowering and instrumental in generating change. We will continue to challenge our Government and leaders on what is not acceptable; whilst progressing our journey towards First Nations justice and self-determination for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across the country.

Under my leadership, I genuinely believe that the power of our collective voices will drive us towards the change we require for our communities and country. I am proud to be a change instigator and navigator on the journey to climate justice.



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Emma-Lee Luther

Communications Manager

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