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No Pride In Genocide

Statement Release: Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network statement on the International Conflict

No Pride in Genocide

Seed, as a First Nations organisation, stands resolute in our dedication to the principles of non-discrimination and the preservation of human dignity. In light of recent events in Palestine and Israel, we wish to reaffirm our foundational values, articulate our organisational stance on crucial matters and call on the Albanese Government to support a permanent ceasefire.


Seed does not endorse or support groups promoting any form of religious or racial discrimination or discriminatory practices, nor do we endorse any form of violence. Our commitment to cultivating an inclusive and respectful environment is ingrained in our First Nations identity.


As an organisation deeply rooted in the principles of First Nations advocacy, we recognise the enduring and far-reaching impacts of historical injustices. We condemn all forms of land removal, genocide, forced assimilation, racism, violence, and discrimination. The profound grief resulting from the loss of land and culture has contributed to intergenerational trauma within our communities. We remain steadfast in our commitment to advocate for justice, reconciliation, and empowerment for all First Nations peoples globally. Our dedication extends to standing against contemporary injustices, irrespective of the targeted group, whether it be First Nations or any other community. 


Seed recognises globally that there is a critical and ongoing need for climate justice for First Nations peoples and a need to protect communities and Country from the greed and damage of fossil fuel interests for the short term gain of corporations and governments. This has been acquired at the expense of First Nations peoples and their inherent rights and responsibilities to land, water, health, resources and the protection of their sacred homelands. First Nations peoples are on the frontlines of climate change, and we have cultural responsibilities and moral obligations to make sure that our cultures and humanity at large continues for generations ahead of us.


In the face of global conflicts, including those affecting civilians, Seed unequivocally condemns violence and the desecration of communities, culture, infrastructure and ecosystems. International humanitarian law dictates that in armed conflict, civilians cannot be directly targeted, and that civilians should be respected. Intentionally directing attacks against the civilian population or individual civilians not taking direct part in hostilities is a war crime. Any derogation from this should be condemned and prosecuted accordingly. 


We firmly believe in the inherent right of every individual, particularly those from marginalised communities like First Nations peoples, to live in dignity, free from violence, oppression, or domination.


This position is not merely a statement; it is a reflection of our organisational ethos. We are devoted to creating an environment where diversity is celebrated, human rights are upheld, and First Nations advocacy is central to our mission.

These principles guide our actions, decisions, and interactions within our organisation and the broader community.



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Emma-Lee Luther

Communications Manager

[email protected]

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