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Information about which electorate you are in and who is running to be in Parliament

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Example Voting Paper

When you turn up at the polling booth to vote on election day, you will be given a voting paper that looks like this example paper below.

In the gammon bushfood vote, your favourite bushfood is Kangaroo, you put it as number 1. You also love honey ants, so you put it as number 2. Goanna is your next best bushfood so you put number 3. You really hate the taste of turtle so you put it as the last number 6. You also don't like barramundi so you put that so a low number 5. You have never tried bush turkey, so you just put number 4. 


The NT election will be like the bushtucker vote, but you will be voting of the person you think is best to talk for you and your area. Put 1 for the person you most want to speak for you in NT Parliament, then fill all the boxes up from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6... The person you really don't want in Parliament talking for you should have the last number. 

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