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Shame! Broken NT election promise

20 days into their term and the Northern Territory Labor Government have broken their election promise to us.

Prior to the election the Gunner Government promised to implement a moratorium covering all unconventional gas exploration and extraction activities and yet yesterday’s announcement fails to deliver protection from shale gas exploration.
We can’t let them get away with this! Call Michael Gunner’s office today and demand he  include shale gas exploration and activities in the moratorium.

Talking Points:
• You have backflipped on your promise to the people of the Territory to implement a moratorium covering all unconventional gas prospecting exploration extraction and extraction activities.
• This week you've chosen the gas cartel over the over Aboriginal communities, Aboriginal station owners, pastoralists and Territorians who voted them in
• The Northern Territory is already seeing and will continue to experience the worst impacts of a changing climate. On top of the potential impacts caused by shale gas fracking, climate change is a huge threat to the long-term viability of communities and people’s ability to live on country.
• The exclusion of shale gas exploration from yesterday’s announced moratorium will make it even harder for Traditional Owners to protect their country from this dangerous industry.

Call Chief Minister Michael Gunner's office today on: 08 8936 5560

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