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National Campaigns

We know the climate crisis is unjust, and it is First Nations communities that are feeling its impacts first and worst on Country, and on culture. We also know that each year we are seeing increased severe weather events, whilst our leaders continue to approve new fossil fuel projects across the country.

Too often, during disasters' communities are used as tokenistic headlines. The immediate impact is sometimes shown during a climate disaster, yet the story stops there. We know that the impact doesn't end after the flood has subsided, or the cyclone has torn through. The impacts from these disasters are catastrophic and ongoing, particularly for remote communities. 

We know how important it is to listen and learn from First Nations communities on the frontlines. They have to deal with the impacts of extractive industries, and are consistently trying to negotiate and resist fossil fuel expansion on Country. There is a need to raise awareness around this, and create avenues to meaningfully support and create a strong narrative to connect the impacts that extractive industries have on country, culture, and community.