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Stop the Mega Fracker!

Tamboran Resources mega fracking drill has arrived in the NT from the United States – to frack the Beetaloo Basin.

We already know that fracking is devastating to water, country and our climate but these mega frackers are particularly alarming. The fracking rig currently en route to our shores has the capacity to drill horizontal wells up to 4 km long underground - let me put that into comparison for you - that's a huge 25 football fields!

Despite the risks and the decade-long resistance led by communities on the frontlines of fossil fuel extraction, Tamboran Resources is determined to frack the Beetaloo Basin. Which means we have to act now! 

To give decision makers the mandate they need to block this terrifying piece of machinery from being used in the Northern Territory, we need hundreds of thousands of signatures – and fast. 

Will you sign the petition demanding state and federal politicians do everything in their power to stop this disastrous plan? 



Dear State and Federal Governments,

We stand with Traditional Owners from across the Beetaloo Basin, and call on you to do everything in your power to stop Tamboran Resources' mega fracker from being used in the Northern Territory.

These fracking rigs have been causing devastation across communities in the United States for years. They can frack a horizontal well four-kilometres long, and they need two to four times as much water and toxic chemicals than anything else currently approved in Australia.

We call on you to protect people, Country, and our climate.

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