Hello NT countrymen,

This is the place to go if you want to have your voice heard in this year’s NT election and answer some questions and worries you have about voting. 

Our old people fought hard to get all countrymen the right to vote and have a say in who runs the Northern Territory. We must stand up and vote for a better future for our children, country, and communities. 

If you want help enrolling and want us to send you a physical enrolment form, put your details here & someone from the Seedmob team will be in touch with you soon 


At Seed, we're a non-partisan group who believe all Aboriginal community members in the NT should get to have their say this election. We're encouraging all political parties to listen to the concerns of remote communities and adopt policies that protect country, culture and our climate.

Learn more:

Frequently Asked Questions About Voting and Enrolling


Step by step guide to enrolling online or with a form 


Resources to help you make a good vote at election time







Resources to help enrol people in my community








Election Tik Tok and Poster Competition 

Seed is running a Tik Tok and poster competition for the 2020 NT election! To enter, create a tik tok or poster that 1) gets the word out about the upcoming NT August election, and 2) encourages our mob to enrol and vote. We're offering $1,000 to the two best entries - plus some deadly awards for runner ups. Click the link for more info!