El Nino - Seed

Let's stop the expansion of fossil fuels

Now that El Niño is declared, we cannot afford to continue adding fuel to the fire. Will you add your name and join us by calling on Anthony Albanese and the Labor government to take the climate crisis seriously and stop the expansion of fossil fuels. 

El Niño is an oceanic and atmospheric event that disrupts the typical conditions in the Pacific Ocean. This means a warming of the usually cold waters along South America's coast, leading to increased rainfall there. Conversely, Australia experiences cooler waters, resulting in reduced moisture in the air, decreased rainfall, and an elevated risk of scorching temperatures that can contribute to brutal bushfire conditions.

We know that our communities voted overwhelmingly for climate action at the last election, yet the Albanese government is continuing to approve new coal and gas mines.

To create the change we want to see, we need an unstoppable movement of First Nations mob and allies behind us calling for climate justice - can we count on you to add your name?


To the Hon. Anthony Albanese MP

Prime Minister of Australia

Our communities are already feeling the devastating impacts of the climate crisis, from heatwaves, droughts, floods, fires and rising sea levels- we are living with the impacts of the climate crisis. You have the power to change this. 

We implore you to listen to our communities calling for an end to fossil fuels, and move towards investment in cleaner energy sources.

As our Prime Minister, it's your job to safeguard our collective futures. Opening new coal and gas mines is not the solution to the climate crisis. It’s your job to step up and act. You must invest in climate solutions that are good for our communities and are led by and for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, not the dangerous fossil fuel industry.



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