NT Election Poster and Tik Tok Competition

Seed is launching a 2020 election Tik Tok and poster competition to put the word out for Indigenous people in the NT to get creative, funny and inspirational. We are looking for your best Tik Tok videos, your best posters, paintings, cartoons, designs to motivate our mob to enrol and put Indigenous issues on the agenda this 2020 election.  


Right now, one in three Indigenous adults in the NT are not enrolled to vote, and come election time, only half of Indigenous adults actually get to make their vote count in the polls. Aboriginal people in the NT have been shut out of elections, leaving us without a voice on the issues that affect us most, like land rights, water, housing, power, roads and mining in the NT. 

Until 58 years ago, it was illegal for Indigenous people to vote. Indigenous leaders fought hard to get us the right every other Australian has been enjoying for decades. 

The NT is unlike anywhere else. Eight votes have been known to make history, and Indigenous people and remote communities could decide elections. We have the numbers, we just don’t have the power, yet. 

Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network is building a movement of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait people to stand up for country and our future. Seed is supporting Indigenous people from across the Territory to know how to enrol, and why we need their voice in this NT election. To learn more about how to enrol and make your vote count this election, head to: seedmob.org.au/enrol


The competition launches on the 2nd of July

Competition closing date EXTENDED until the 14th of August! We want to keep those posters and TikToks coming right up until the election on the 22nd of August. Winners will be announced on the 19th of August to be showcased on election day. 

Competition categories 

  • Best “enrol to vote” poster 
    • Best prize: $1000
    • Second place: $500
    • Third place: $100
  • Best “enrol to vote” tik tok video 
    • Best prize: $1000
    • Second place: $500
    • Third place: $100

How to submit an entry

Step 1. Post your Tik Tok or poster on your social media (Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok) with the hashtag #NTBlackVote and follow our Seed tik tok page at @seedmob

Step 2. Sign up to the competition here to link us your Tik Tok or Poster post (make sure your post is set to public so we can see it!) 

If you have any questions, call Vanessa on 0421 478 262 or email [email protected]

The kind of Tik Toks and posters we are looking for to win: 

  • Created by, featuring and aimed at Indigenous people 
  • Encourage countrymen to enrol and vote for the August 22nd NT election 
  • Funny, creative, inspiring, engaging, memorable artworks and videos
  • Check out our Tik Tok page at @seedmob for examples of other comp entries! 

Click here to download the poster for the competition

Good luck and have fun!