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Demand all parties take real climate action

Will you stand with us and demand all parties take real action on the climate crisis?

We’ve just seen the last of the leaders' debates and surprisingly climate was barely mentioned, despite climate change being the number one issue [1] for voters

Our communities are already feeling the impacts of the climate crisis, from the recent devastating floods, to heatwaves and bushfires. We’re just days away from the most critical election of our lifetime - we must stand together and demand our leaders take real climate action. 

That means ending public money handouts to fossil fuel corporations, no new fossil fuel projects, and moving towards a renewable future with community-led and justice-based solutions. 

For too long, our voices have been left out of the conversation and ignored, but the election is our time to stand up and demand change. Stand alongside our movement and demand real climate action from whoever is elected on Saturday.

Sign now: Demand all parties take real climate action.


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