10 politicians you can message right now to save our Land Rights

This week the government wants to team up with Labor to diminish native title and our land rights. 

You can make sure Labor makes the right decision by letting them know how important it is to you that Land Rights come before mining rights. 

Here's a message you might like to put on their wall: 

  • Hey [Bill], land rights should always come before mining rights. Please don't vote to trash the Native Title Act for mining companies like Adani.

Write on Bill Shorten's most recent post now, or tweet at him

Write on Pat Dodson's wall here 

Write on Linda Burney's Facebook wall or Tweet at her 

Write on Penny Wong's wall or tweet at here

Mark Dreyfus or tweet at him here

Write on Malarndirri McCarthy's wall here, or tweet at her here

Write on Luke Gosling's facebook wall here, or tweet him

Write on Warren Snowden's facebook page here, or tweet at him

Write on Louise Pratt's facebook wall (she was on the inquiry panel), or tweet at her here




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