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Call Bill Shorten to protect Aboriginal Land Rights not mining rights.

In the next 24 hours, the Senate will vote on changes to the Native Title Act that would alter land rights forever. 

Bill Shorten can stop these attacks by voting down the changes, and opening the process up to broader reform of Native Title and bringing in all affected communities for consultation. 

Native Title helps Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities protect country from mining and extractive industries, it's so important that we stop these changes today.

Call Bill now: (03) 9326 1300


  • Hi my name is XXXX and I’m from XXXX
  • I am calling today to raise my concerns about changes to the Native Title Act that the Senate will be voting on soon. 
  • Native Title is a legacy of the Labor party, but these changes throw that legacy out the window.
  • Indigenous Land Use Agreements affect every native title owner in a group, and future generations - that’s why the McGlade decision is so important.
  • The Labor party voted down these changes last time it was tabled claiming there hadn’t been enough consultation. Now, with the bill set to be voted on tomorrow, there has still be no consultations, literally nothing has changed, so why is Labor speaking publicly about supporting the bill?
  • In a recent poll, 51% of Indigenous people didn’t know about the proposed changes to native title, and 81% were concerned about native title being changed to benefit mining companies.
  • To change the Native Title Act for Adani and other mining companies is deplorable. 
  • Can you please pass on this message to Bill?

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