Don't frack the NT

Don't frack the NT #BanFracking

It's time to Protect Country

We are calling for a total ban on fracked shale gas in the Northern Territory because it will irreparably damage our water, country and climate. 


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are already impacted by climate change. We know that to stay below 2 degrees of warming we need to keep all new fossil fuels in the ground. Currently over 85% of the Northern Territory is covered in oil and gas exploration licences - this is unacceptable. 

There is widespread opposition to fracking from many Aboriginal communities, Aboriginal station owners, pastoralists, and the broader public. People from all across the NT are coming together and will do whatever it takes to protect their land, water and ways of life from being poisoned by dangerous fracked shale gas.

We demand a ban on fracked shale gas and a safe climate future.


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